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Episodic Structure Assignment

Episodic Structure Assignment -...

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Episodic Structure Assignment – (15 points) The goal for this project is to form a group and write three (3) episodes of a video podcast on an assigned subject matter. The individual episodes should be approximately 1 to 5 minutes long. The podcasts may be entertaining, but they must also fulfill at least one other of the following purposes: Be informative (tell me information I don’t know) Be educational (tell me information in a way that allows me to do something I couldn’t before) Be persuasive (get me to do something I otherwise wouldn’t). Groups will be a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 people . Projects due on the due date listed in WebCT. Delivery – the previs elements for a 3 episode podcast, including: A script for each episode (please title) in Audio / Visual format. A storyboard for each episode (please title) The ‘Bible’ for the show Assessment Possible Points Comments Bible – 4 A brief description of the show and its purpose. photographs of recurring on screen talent, if applicable (not guests, but your host / hostess or group of repeating characters).
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