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Interactive story assignment – 15 points - You will write one script and produce one storyboard for the interactive story ‘Opening Day’. - You don’t need to do an initial intro explaining the project as a whole. Instead, make sure your story fits the following: OPENING DAY During the OPENING DAY project, the user finds themselves in the role of Video Director, calling the shots in a broadcast truck during an early Spring baseball game. With zoom, pan, tilt and microphone controls available on each monitor, the user has the chance to put together a ‘cut’ of several crazy stories unfolding in the stands and around the diamond. Infinite zoom capabilities allow the user to get close to the action, and the real time unfolding of the tales means that repeat visitors can watch again and again and not see the same story twice. The Opening Day project is a perfect way to increase internet traffic to your own stadium website as we kick off the baseball season.
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Unformatted text preview: Delivery -one typed AV style script with your storyline, which contains directions to other scripts at the appropriate interaction points -one hand drawn storyboard of the same storyline. -DUE AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS ON 4/28/09 Assessments -storytelling (wherein I evaluate the elements of narrative, how the character is revealed through action, the visual writing style) - 4 points -a clear storyboard which allows me to visually follow your story as it would appear in its final form (story order, angles & mise-en-scene support the story) – 4 points -interactivity (wherein I evaluate how well you incorporated the work of the group into you story. The discussed changes that make your story fit into the whole should be present…new ideas are processed with other writers to maintain continuity with the whole project.) – 2 points -Delivery (wherein I look to see if you delivered everything you were supposed to) – 5 points...
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