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Pop Quiz 1 - depends on: a. Donors b. Acceptors c. Both X...

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EE-105, QUIZ 1 Fill in the blanks, indicate true or false or mark the correct answer as appropriate Name: SID: 1. The intrinsic carrier density in Si at room temperature is: 10 10 cm -3 2. Group III elements are a. Acceptors X b. Donors 3. The dopants can move around the lattice and give electric current a. True b. False X 4. Thermal voltage is roughly : 26 mV 5. Mobility
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Unformatted text preview: depends on: a. Donors b. Acceptors c. Both X 6. In a reverse biased p-n junction diode, current flows mainly due to : a. Drift X b. Diffusion 7. The capacitance of a reverse-biased p-n junction is independent of applied voltage: a. True b. False X 8. In a forward biased p-n junction diode, the electric field is a. Enhanced b. Diminished. X...
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