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Unformatted text preview: 8/26/2009 Lecture 1 Psych 133: The Psychology of Sleep 1 8/26/2009 Lecture 1 This thing called sleep – vignettes of Psych133 Why? Brain… Body… What, Who, When, How Much? SLEEP Dreaming, Interpretation, Psychosis, Deprivation & Disorders Lecture 1 Psych 133: The Psychology of Sleep GSI’s: Jennifer Kanady: [email protected] Brian Meyer: [email protected] Zachary Rosner: [email protected] Wilbur ("Trey") Williams: [email protected] Elizabeth Ascher: [email protected] Instructor: Prof. Matthew Walker 2 8/26/2009 Lecture 1 COURSE DETAILS Time: MONTime: MON-WED 2-3PM 2Location: Location: 155 DWINELLE Discussion Sections: 1hr/wk; starting WEEK 2 (i.e. next week!) Sections: week!) • You must sign up for an open/available discussion section to aid getting into the course (see 1st announcement for details) Psych133 Website: https://bspace.berkeley.edu Website: GSI Office Hours: Announced by each in discussion sections. Hours: Instructor (Matt Walker) Office Hours: TUES 3:50-5:50PM [Tolman 3331] Hours: 3:50- Lecture 1 COURSE DETAILS Grade: • Grade comes from 3 different sources: 1) Exams: Three, non-cumulative “midterm” exams will be Exams: Three, nonadministered. The average of the best two test scores will be taken as the exam score, with this average comprising 70% of the final grade. 2) Sleep Outreach Project: which will comprise 20% of the Project: final grade. 3) Discussion section attendance/participation: which will attendance/participation: comprise 10% of the final grade. grade. *Note on class attendance and section attendance 3 8/26/2009 Lecture 1 COURSE DETAILS Exams • Multiple Choice Questions • The exams will not be cumulative • All exams will be closed book • Bring scantron GREEN! **NOTE** You are required to take all three exams (even with the average of the best two. If you don’t, you’ll receive a 15% deduction off the total 70%) **NOTE** There will be no grade changes except for clerical errors Lecture 1 COURSE DETAILS Sleep Outreach Project (20% grade) • Your goal is to help educate others about sleep, sleep deprivation and sleep disorders by creating a newspaper article, video, brochure or an exciting idea of your own. own. (More details to come in the discussion sections) • Due date: Dec 2nd, 5PM 4 8/26/2009 Lecture 1 COURSE DETAILS Reader (No textbook) • All PDF materials within reader (listed on the syllabus) have been posted on bSpace course website – read BEFORE lecture! • All web links for reader are listen in syllabus. • All lectures will be posted on bSpace site 48-24hr prior to the lecture – print 48in note form and listen ;) Lecture 1 COURSE DETAILS Course Structure: 3 segments (exam after each, revision lecture before before) 1. Sleep Basics* Phylogeny Ontogeny Neurobiology 2. Sleep & Cognition** The good - benefits The bad - deprivation 3. Dreaming & Disorders * some neuroscience **detailed, cutting edge research papers Freud—>Brain Clinical disorders 5 8/26/2009 Lecture 1 Section Next Week Sleep Diaries: • Pay attention to your sleep in the coming week. • Start getting use to logging: • What time you go to bed? • What time you wake up? • Whether you woke during the night? • If and how often do you nap? • If an how often do you drink alcohol and caffeine • (you can also try writing down some dreams…) • More details to come in section and via bSpace Lecture 1 Questions …? 6 8/26/2009 Lecture 1 See you on Monday…… Lecture 2 Sleep Basics What | When | How (…do we measure it) it) 7 ...
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