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Discussion Problems 1 Due in section week of January 26, 2008 Problem 1 Consider a plain wave EM field traveling in the - y direction, with a frequency of 500 Hz and an ~ E field amplitude of 5 (SI units) in the + x direction. Determine the full form of ~ E ( ~x, t ) and ~ B ( ~x, t ) in terms of the preceding quantities. You may assume that at t = 0, the ~ E is a maximum at the origin. Problem 2 A beam of light carries momentum and therefore the absorption of a beam of light results in an impulse. One could contemplate constructing a “solar sail” that catches light the way a
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Unformatted text preview: regular sail catches wind. One could even imagine trying to escape the solar system this way. The sun has a mass of 2 × 10 30 kg and emists 4 × 10 26 W of power. (a) If the sail absorbs all of the light that reaches it, what is the maximum surface density the sail could have and still escape to infinity? (b) What if the sail is a perfect reflector? (c) How feasible do you think these quantities are? 1...
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