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Discussion Problems 6 Due in section week of March 2, 2009 Problem 1: Galilean Relativity. Realized this was in the book. .. Don’t look at the book!! Newton’s laws are said to be invariant under so-called “Galilean relativity”, while Maxwell’s are invariant under special relativity. Galilean relativity involve “coordinate trans- formations” that you are intuitively using in every day life, despite being unaware of it. What does it mean to say Newton’s laws are invariant to a Galilean coordinates transformation? It’s just the statement that you can use ~ F = m~a in any inertial coordinate frame without mod- ifying the equation. Galileo put it best when he commented that his pendulum experiments could have been done on a steady sailing ship and he would have gotten the same results, hence the name Galilean. Let’s explore this further. a. Jack, standing on a stationary ship, S , uses coordinates ( x, t ) to describe an event. Jane in a passing ship, S 0 , moving in the positive x-direction with speed
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