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UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND ARCH 170 SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, PLANNING, AND PRESERVATION Spring 2009 Assignment 4: The Design of a Place Issued: Week 8 Due: Week 13 Value: 18% of Final Grade Objective: To apply the knowledge and skills you learned in this course to: a) the task of analyzing a site, b) designing a simple outdoor place, and c) analyzing your design proposal. *STEP 1: Site Analysis Due: Week 9 Make a visual analysis of the concrete "pad" area located to the west of the Architecture Building. The photograph to the right shows the approximate boundaries of the area you will be working with. On a white sheet of 18" x 24" paper, draw to scale the plan of the site using the same methods you learned in previous assignments. On the plan, indicate the location of the existing trees and lampposts, note the type of materials (for the building and the paved areas) and which parts of the site are already landscaped. Also note which parts are in sunlight and which are in the shade during the middle part of the day. Mark the boundaries between sunlight and shade on the plan. Be sure to observe the circulation throughout the space. On another sheet of 18” x 24” paper, drawn to the same scale as the plan, a section that runs perpendicular to the face of the architecture building. Note the slope of the area between the concrete pad and Mowatt Lane and estimate the rise of the ground with respect to the level of the pad. Be sure to include the change in ground level on the section. STEP 2: Design Ideas – Collage Due: Week 10 To complete your analysis, make a pair of collages that explain 1) the existing character of the site and 2) your idea for a new character, or ‘genius loci’, for the site. This can be done by making sketches or collaging images found in magazines with site photos or sketches. Each collage should be on its own 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper with a short description below that captures the essence of your ideas and process. STEP 3: First Draft
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