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4- Outline Population Growth09_1

4- Outline Population Growth09_1 - BSCI 106 Dr Via...

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BSCI 106 Outline #4 Fall 2009 Dr. Via Population Growth A. Levels in Ecology 1. Individual organisms: _____________ ecology 2. Populations of interacting individuals: ______________ ecology Q: where does behavioral 3. Communities of interacting species: ______________ ecology ecology belong? 4. Systems of communities: ______________ ecology B. Ecological interactions Natural selection (differential survival or reproduction of individuals w/ different phenotypes) 1. Interactions with environment lead to differential survival or reproduction. 2. Individuals that interact more successfully will contribute more offspring = natural selection 3. If “successful traits” are genetically variable in population, then they are passed on to offspring and the population comes to look = evolution more and more like the successful phenotype C. Population Growth 1. Many interactions depend on population size and density– need to know -How many individuals in the population NOW? -How many will there be at some time in the future? -How fast is the population growing? 2. Exponential growth: N t = R t N 0 -population grows without bound -s implest model: parent dies before offspring mature = _____________________ then, R = #offspring/female 3. Simple example: non-overlapping generations -Each individual has 2 offspring (i.e., R=2), then dies -What will the population size be after t generations (Nt)?
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