BSCI106ScheduleFall09Revised - BSCI 106 : PRINCIPLES OF...

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Unformatted text preview: BSCI 106 : PRINCIPLES OF BIOLOGY II , ECOLOGY and EVOLUTION MWF 11AM or MWF 2 PM, BRB lecture hall Dr. Sara Via ( best way to reach me) Text: Biological Science , 3rd Ed . Scott Freeman. 2008. Pearson Education, Inc. ISBN: 0-13-224950-2 Date # LECTURE TOPIC READING Optional ACTIVITIES ( , Study Area) (pp in text) KEY: G: Graphit, WA: web animation, DV: Discovery Video Lab (M) Aug 31 1 Course mechanics; Thinking and learning like a scientist 1-7, 11-17 G: Ch. 1; WA: Experimental Design (part 2) DV: Teen Brains (FYI) ECOLOGY- THE CONTEXT OF LIFE (W) Sept. 2 2 Population Ecology; Communication 1125-1127, 1149-1166 WA: Homing in digger wasps . No Lab (F) Sept. 4 3 Population Ecology: learning and migration 1166-1167, 1171-1172 (M) Sept. 7 Labor DayNo Class! (W) Sept. 9 4 Population Growth 1173-1182, 1190-1195 WA: Modeling population growth (F) Sept. 11 5 Biology in the real world: Human population growth 1186-1190 WA: Human pop. growth and regulation G: Age Pyramids and pop growth Introduction (M) Sept. 14 6 Species interactions: competition (1 st graded clicker qs) Study Questions #1 due if not already handed in to TA 1196-1202 Aquatic Ecology (W) Sept. 16 7 Species interactions: consumption (herbivory, predation) 1202-1207 (F) Sept. 18 8 Species interactions: consumption (parasites and parasitoids) 1206-1207, 851-854, 701, 723, 728 WA: Life cycle of malaria parasite (M) Sept. 21 9 Species interactions: Mutualists and commensals 1207-1209, 672-675,684, 846, 849-850 ; DV: Leafcutter Ants, DV: Plant pollination (W) Sept. 23 10 Community ecology: Food webs 1209-1221 (F) Sept. 25 11 Putting it all together:...
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This note was uploaded on 10/05/2009 for the course BSCI 106 taught by Professor Porter during the Fall '08 term at Maryland.

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BSCI106ScheduleFall09Revised - BSCI 106 : PRINCIPLES OF...

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