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Outline_1_Think like a scientist09

Outline_1_Think like a scientist09 - Lecture 1 Dr Sara Via...

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Lecture 1 BSCI 106, Fall 2009 p. 1 Dr. Sara Via Think like a scientist! Learn like a scientist! A. Basic Course Information. 1. Go to the BlackBoard website (www.elms.umd.edu ) a. “Course Policies” tab contains all of the course policies, b. “Lecture Schedule” tab contains the list of lectures and reading assignments c. “Assignments” tab contains homework assignments, extra credit assignments B. Learning Biology 1. No more spoonfeeding- time to take responsibility for your own learning 2. Explanations not facts a. We strive to explain HOW things work WHY they are important WHERE they fit in b. Facts are trivial c. Theories are important—they integrate many facts and natural laws into broad explanation of how the world works. d. FLASHCARDS are for facts-EXPLANATIONS are for theories! 3. Connecting the dots. a. Your brain on flashcards-- chaos When facts are unconnected, you forget b. Your brain after this class—the scaffold You remember when you know where facts “fit”, 4. Biology is not a spectator sport a.
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