OutlineDarwins dangerous idea09

OutlineDarwins dangerous idea09 - BSCI 106 Dr. Sara Via...

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BSCI 106 Outline 13 Fall 2009, p. 1 Dr. Sara Via Discovering the Law of Natural Selection A. Fundamental observations in biology 1. Diversity: Huge array of different forms -3-30 million total species on Earth 2. Adaptation: “Good fit” to the environment -Some organisms are generalized, some very specialized B. How can we explain diversity and adaptation? 1. Supernatural Explanation a. Supernatural forces don’t have to be predictable b. Supernatural explanations can’t be tested c. Must accept on faith 2. Scientific Explanation a. based on testable hypotheses b. If you find a contradiction – reject the idea! c. Uniform standards of proof 3. Science seeks explanations for world in terms of natural laws a. If adaptation and diversity can be explained by natural laws, NOT NECESSARY to invoke a supernatural explanation b. But science can’t rule out that God played some role, as long as product is consistent with what scientists see - establish natural laws? - put process of natural selection into motion? C. Diversity and adaptation before Darwin 1. about 400 BC - 1800, Earth viewed as static and unchanging. a. Aristotle - Ladder of Life -Progression of fixed forms, with humans as the final product - Special Creation: each organism created independently by supernatural being b. Mid 1700’s – Linneus documented diversity 2. In 1800’s, a surge of scientific exploration; inconsistencies with static view get scientists wondering a. Jean-Baptise Lamarck - organisms appear to change over generations b. Geologist Charles Lyell: uniformitarianism =all of Earth’s geological features can be explained by processes still acting. -But processes like wind, water, earthquakes, volcanos act slowly, so if they
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OutlineDarwins dangerous idea09 - BSCI 106 Dr. Sara Via...

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