Vedernikov Exam 2007-1

Vedernikov Exam 2007-1 - CHEM 131 – EXAM 1 October 3 2007...

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CHEM 131 – EXAM 1 October 3, 2007 Name: ___________________________________________________________ Please PRINT Lecture time: 8 am Discussion Section Number: 11 _ _ _ I pledge on my honor that I have not given or received any unauthorized assistance on this examination” S i g n a t u r e D a t e This exam contains six pages in total including this title page: 12 questions on 3 pages (do NOT unstaple these pages and the title page). the Periodic Table of the Elements on 1 page (you may detach it), and some physical constants on 1 page (you may detach it) Check if you have all of that before you begin. You may use any blank pages as a scratch paper. Put your answers ONLY in the space provided. Few examination rules: You may not begin until everyone has an exam If you finish in the last ten minutes, remain in your seat until time is called When time is called, put your pencil down and remain in your desk After all exams have been collected, you will be dismissed Question 1: _____/8 pts Question 7: ____/10 pts Question 2: _____/12 pts Question 8: ____/12 pts Question 3: _____/6 pts Question 9: ____/8 pts Question 4: _____/10 pts Question 10: ____/5 pts Question 5: ____/10 pts Question 11: ____/10 pts Question 6: ____/9 pts Question 12: ____/5 pts (BONUS) TOTAL POINTS : _________/100 + 5 (bonus)
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2 Important Notice: when performing calculations, pay attention to the number of significant figures in your answer! 1. (2 pts each, 8 pts total) a) What is the mass in grams of exactly one mole of carbon-12? Answer (use 8 significant figures): _________________ g b) Calculate the number of electrons in exactly two moles of electrons. Answer (use 5 significant figures): _________________ electrons c) How many moles of protons correspond to 3.14·10 20 protons? Show your work. Answer : ____________ moles d) Calculate the mass in grams of 1.00·10 23 atoms of oxygen. Show your work. Answer: ____________ g 2. (3 pts each, 12 pts total) Give the number of protons, neutrons and electrons in the following species (pay attention to the charge ): a) 222 Rn (neutral atom): protons ________ neutrons _________ electrons _______ b) 15 N (neutral atom) protons ________ neutrons _________ electrons _______ c) 37 Cl - (anion) protons ________ neutrons _________ electrons _______ d) 131 Xe 8+ (cation)
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Vedernikov Exam 2007-1 - CHEM 131 – EXAM 1 October 3 2007...

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