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EXERCISE 1. TOPO MAPS WITH ORIENTEERING GEOG 211 Name ___________________ LAB ASSIGNMENT Section# _________________ TOPO MAPS AND TIME ZONES Date ____________________ (15 points for Major/ Minor) Major___________________ Minor___________________ REQUIRED MATERIAL 1. This lab manual. 2. Paper or notebook 4. Topographic Map (provided in Lab) REQUIRED READING 1. This exercise--be familiar with all terms in bold. 1. Cartography 2. Topographic Maps 3. Topographic Contour Lines 4. Interpolation of Elevation Using Contour Lines 5. Topographic Map Symbols 2. Pages 15-26 and 576-580 in Elemental Geosystems, 5 th Edition, 2006, R. Christopherson . . 1. Map reading (50pts) Use the two maps, USGS_Map.pdf and Campus_Plan.pdf provided in the folder R:\g211\fall08\ Lab1_Topo. Copy and paste the above two maps on the desktop and open them with acrobat reader. You may also like to use zoom and rotate tools for a better idea. Map 1 USGS Map 1) What is the contour interval for the Topographic Map? (5 pts) 1
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EXERCISE 1. TOPO MAPS WITH ORIENTEERING 2) What Symbol do we use to represent Benchmark? What is the elevation of the Bench Mark on the Map?
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