ANT3930 Exam 1 Study Guide

ANT3930 Exam 1 Study Guide - ANT3930 Exam 1 Study Guide...

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Unformatted text preview: ANT3930 Exam 1 Study Guide Carlton Coon- the most read of any racial anthropologist- believed there was something unique about the blood of each race Negoes in Ancient Egypt were the most Ape-like humans. Out of Africa Model is the Replacement Model * Review Illustrations from Ch.1 and Ch. 2 The Definitions of Race (pg. 19) Dobzhansky- races are populations w/different genes but are still able to exchange genes regardless of geographic boundaries Garn- race is a breeding population, largely if not entirely isolated from other breeding populations Mayr- a subspecies is an aggregate of local populations of species; it is not a unit of evolution Vogel & Motulsky- a race is a large population of individuals who have a significant fraction of genes in common and can be distinguished from other races by their common gene pool Montagu- an ethnic group represents one of a number of populations which individually maintain their differences (physical and cultural) by means of isolating mechanisms such as geographic and social barriers. Classification of Modern Races (pg. 24) Caucasoid Mongoloid Australoid Negritos, Full sized Congoid Negroes, pygmies Capoid Bushmen, Hottentots Africa & Asia: Physical clines in the world, determines race by weight, height, skin color, straight hair swamps in Africa, malaria and sickle cell are sickling clines Eastern Hemisphere- skin color, epicanthic folds The Americas More than half of births are boys, XX is a girl, XY is a boy 23 pairs of chromosomes Terms to Remember from Molnar: Allele- alternative genetic forms of the same locus Centromere- part of the chromosome where the chromatids are joined Chromosome- rod-shaped structure, located in the nucleus, composed of DNA Cline- a distribution that traces the geographical range of phenotypic/genetic characteristics of our species Codominant- two alleles are expressed equally...
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ANT3930 Exam 1 Study Guide - ANT3930 Exam 1 Study Guide...

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