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Unformatted text preview: DESMA 9. ART, SCIENCE, AND TECHNOLOGY WINTER 09 SYLLABUS Professor Victoria Vesna. Ph.D. UCLA Department of Design | Media Arts Teaching Assistants Adam Fingrut, Section A John Carpenter, Section B Gautam Rangan, Section C Alberto Pepe, Section D Office hours: TBA Class Info LECTURES (2160E, Broad Art Building) Tuesday, Thursday: 2–3:50PM SECTIONS (2160E, Broad Art Building) Section A: Tuesday 1-1:50PM Section B: Tuesday 4-4:50PM Section C: Thursday 1-1:50PM Section D: Thursday 4-4:50PM Course Description Lecture, three hours; discussion, one hour; outside study, 11 hours. Exploration and survey of cultural impact of scientific and cultural innovations, technology-driven art inspired by science, and art/science collaborative projects. Introduction to vast array of cutting-edge research taking place on campus; scientific guest lecturers. Emphasis on art projects that use technology and respond to ne w scientific concepts. P/NP or letter grading. Course Objective(s) Art, Science & Technology is an introductory course that explores how similar technologies are driving new forms of art and science. It broadly surveys scientific and technological innovations, using technology in innovative ways; it is art inspired by science and art/science collaborative projects. Art is taken to encompass contemporary forms of expression that are technologically driven. The class is designed for students of all disciplines, including the non-declared, with a goal to inspire students to think outside of the box, explore divergent and convergent thought and seek out knowledge and inspiration from many different disciplines as well as encourage collaboration with their peers. Scientists will visit the class and will discuss their cutting edge research, discovery and innovation. The intent is to show that scientists describe their moments of discovery in similar terms as artists do about their creative breakthroughs and that, fundamentally, both grapple with identical questions of the nature of reality. Students also will be introduced to the world-class research conducted on this campus and will be encouraged to visit artistsʼ studios and scientistsʼ laboratories. Every week will be devoted to a particular theme with required reading, and students will be asked to maintain a blog that incorporates their own ideas in relation to the subject. Midterm and final papers are based on the weekly lectures and blogs will be graded weekly. The final grade is based on the midterm and final paper, along with the blog. Course material An extensive course reader will be available on the class website as pdf files as well as links and selected archived video talks from the EDA Class website: Assignments Weekly reading assignments with viewing of archived video streams are required for class participation and to complete the midterm and final papers effectively. Students should work with the professor and their TA throughout the quarter regarding their research topics for the midterm and final papers. Grading Grading is based on the assignments (midterm paper, final paper, blog journal). Midterm paper: more info soon… Final paper: more info soon… Blog: more info soon… Schedule Week 1 January 6: Introduction to class topics January 8: Two Cultures Assignment: Blog due Sunday midnight Extra credit: Attend the North / South mixer and Particle Group exhibition and blog about it. Week 2 January 13: Mathematics, Perspective, Time and Space January 15: Assignment: Blog due Sunday midnight Extra credit: Attend Jonathan Young lecture, “The Search for Meaning” and blog about it. EDA, room 1250, 4-7pm. Week 3 January 22: Industrial age, Kinetic Art, Robotics Assignment: Blog due Sunday midnight Week 4 January 27: Human Body & Medicine January 29: Assignment: Week 5 February 3: Review & MIDTERM February 5: Assignment: Week 6 February 10: Biotech February 12: Assignment: Week 7 February 17: Memory & Consciousness February 19: Assignment: Week 8 February 24: Space February 26: Assignment: Week 9 March 3: Nanotechnology March 5: Sound + Science Symposium Assignment: Week 10 March 10: FINAL March 12: Assignment: Week 11 March 17: TBA ...
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