FinalReviewSheet - PABIO 201 FALL 2006 FINAL EXAM REVIEW...

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P ABIO 201 - F ALL 2006 F INAL E XAM R EVIEW S HEET A review session for the PABIO 201 final will be held this Thursday, December 7 th , 2006 from 3:30-4:50 pm in room T739 . Sam and Stefanie will be available during this period to answer any questions you may have regarding the final. Other than the sheet below, they will not bring or prepare review material; therefore the review session will be more worthwhile to you if you prepare questions ahead of time. If you are unable to attend the review session, Stefanie will have her regularly scheduled office hours following class on that day (11:30-12:00) in room T641. If you are unable to attend office hours as well and still have questions, please contact Sam and/or Stefanie to make arrangements. PLEASE NOTE: The review sheet below includes information included on review sheets, practice exams, midterms, and final exams given in past years. The exam format in the past has included short answer questions; however, THE NEW FORMAT (for Fall-06) WILL CONSIST OF MULTIPLE-CHOICE AND TRUE/FALSE QUESTIONS ONLY – this is the same as the format for the midterm exam. The topics and questions below cover lectures 9-19 and are intended for review only and are written to focus attention on important pieces of each lecture. It is not intended as a total review of the course and your notes will probably remain your best study tool. PLEASE NOTE that the final will be CUMULATIVE this means that any topic covered since the beginning of the quarter is fair game. While the majority of the questions will focus on material covered since the midterm, the final will include questions
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FinalReviewSheet - PABIO 201 FALL 2006 FINAL EXAM REVIEW...

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