MidtermReview - PABIO 201 - FALL 2006 MIDTERM EXAM REVIEW...

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P ABIO 201 - F ALL 2006 M IDTERM E XAM R EVIEW S HEET PLEASE NOTE: The review sheet below includes both information included on review sheets, practice exams, midterms, and final exams given in past years - The exam format in the past has included short answer questions; however, THE NEW FORMAT (for Fall-06) WILL CONSIST OF MULTIPLE-CHOICE AND TRUE/FALSE QUESTIONS ONLY . The topics and questions below are intended for review only and are written to focus attention on important pieces of each lecture. It is not intended as a total review of the course and your notes will probably remain your best study tool. T OPICS GIVEN IN PAST R EVIEW S HEETS COVERING LECTURES #1 - 8: o Diseases - Type of disease, source of infection, spread from person to person, disease with recovery, chronic disease, death rate, treatment, sequelae (long term effects), new disease, newly recognized agent, and re-emerging disease. o What is the central dogma? How is the sequence of amino acids in a protein determined? o What is a protein, DNA, and RNA? o Why do we think that we can wipe out poliomyelitis? o What are antigens and antibodies? How are antibodies produced? o What is a live vaccine? a killed vaccine? o How does the viral genome of influenza virus differ from that of poliovirus? o
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MidtermReview - PABIO 201 - FALL 2006 MIDTERM EXAM REVIEW...

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