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File = E:\p355\mid2.essay.q's.doc 1 John Miyamoto Email: [email protected] http://faculty.washington.edu/jmiyamot/p355/p355-set.htm Psych 355: Introduction to Cognitive Psychology Winter 2009 Sample Essay Questions for Midterm 2 Midterm 2 will have one essay question on it. The essay question will be very similar to one of the following three questions. I am giving you a preview of the possible essay questions so that you can develop a strategy for answering these questions. 1. Lee Brooks' (1968) image scanning experiment was described in lecture and the textbook (see pp. 160-161). This experiment had four conditions: 2 Types of Stimuli × 2 Types of Response i.e., (Diagram or Sentence Stimuli) × (Pointing or Vocal Response) The results of the experiment are shown in the following table: Response Mode Type of Stimulus Pointing Vocal Diagrams 28.2 11.3 Sentences 9.8 13.8 The dependent variable was response time measured in seconds. Explain why the results shown in the table support the claim that there are two types of storage mechanisms in working memory:
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