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File = E:\p355\qz03.sample.essays.doc 1 John Miyamoto Email: [email protected] http://faculty.washington.edu/jmiyamot/p355/p355-set.htm Psych 355: Introduction to Cognitive Psychology Winter 2009 Sample Essay Questions for the Quiz on Short-Term Memory & Working Memory The next quiz will be a single essay question. The reason that I am giving you an essay question on this quiz is so that you can practice answering an essay question before you have to do it on an exam. The TA's will grade the work on the essay quiz more leniently than the essay on the exam. In this way, you will get feedback about how we evaluate essays without the pressure of having criticism directed at every aspect of your essay. As to how you should approach the task of answering an essay question, the most important advice that I can give you is to read the question carefully, and make sure that you answer fully the question that is asked . Too often, students get too interested in discussing some one part
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