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File = E:\p355\Goldstein\study.q's.ch03-04.doc 1 John Miyamoto Email: Psych 355: Introduction to Cognitive Psychology Winter 2009 Study Questions for Chapters 3 (perception) and 4 (attention) Ch 3: Perception 1. What is the difference between top-down processing and bottom-processing? Give an example of a bottom up cognitive process 1 . Give an example of a top down process 2 . 2. Template theories of pattern recognition hypothesize that we have many mental templates for different patterns in our environment. For example, to be able to perceive the letter "E", you have a (mental) template of an E. Feature theories of perception claim that images like letters are composed of parts called features, and the perception of the image depends on perceiving these features and combining them into the perception of a specific image. * What kinds of evidence support the hypothesis that perception is based on features rather than templates? 3. Biederman proposed that object recognition depends on the construction of an intermediate level of perceptual objects, called "geons." * What are geons? Give an example. * What are non-accidental features of objects? Give an example. * What theoretical arguments can be given for the hypothesis that geons play a role in object perception 3 ? * Can you describe some of the empirical findings that support the hypothesis that object recognition is mediated by the perception of geons? 4. Gestalt laws of perceptual organization are an example of bottom up or top down processes (pick one) in perception. * Give two examples of Gestalt laws of perceptual organization. Can you draw a picture that illustrates each of these laws? * Do you think that the fact that Gestalt laws have been found to govern aspects of perceptual organization conflicts with the more bottom up approach that is emphasized in feature-based theories of perception? 5.
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study.q's.ch03-04 - File =...

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