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McGill University, Faculty of Engineering Course ECSE-305A: Probability and Random Signals I Midterm Examination #1, Fall 2003 Date and time: Tuesday, October 7, 2003, 14:35 - 15:55 Examiner: Prof. B. Champagne Instructions: This is a closed book examination: only the faculty standard calculator is allowed. Attempt all questions. 1. In a closet, there are 10 pairs of shoes. If six shoes are selected at random, what is the 20 marks probability of obtaining: (a) no complete pair? (b) exactly one complete pair? (c) exactly two complete pair? (d) exactly three complete pairs? 2. The base (X) and height (Y) of a right triangle are chosen randomly from the intervals 20 marks [0 ,b ] and [0 ,h ], respectively. (a) Define a suitable probability space for this experiment (specify all three ingredients). (b) Find the probability that the area of the triangle so formed will be less than bh/ 4. 3. Making use of the probability axioms and adequate Venn diagrams (if necessary), prove 20 marks
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