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For the film flow problem 1. Will you find any difference in velocity profile between experiment performed in UTP and Sydney? If yes, state why? If no, justify the results. Please quantify the difference in any. 2. If you are given a velocity profile, can you determine the density? 3. Theoretically will you find the same velocity profile for the same density of liquids? If yes, under what conditions? 4. For high flow rate, do you get same velocity profile? 5. Will the velocity profile be the same for another liquid?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. If you know the thickness, viscosity and velocity profile, can you find the density? 7. If you observe velocity at 1 point, should you get same velocity for different density at the same point? 8. What happens if the angle of the plane in decreased? 9. Is there any chance that the shear on the wall is not the maximum compared what is found in the text? 10. What happens to the film when the Reynolds number is higher than 2000...
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