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Lecture Review Sheet Lecture 2 1. What is typically under eating places? a. Independent Units b. Franchise System c. Restaurant Chain or Multi Unit d. Restaurant Company w/multiple concepts and limited # of units 2. Two current drivers in the industry a. Convenience and customization “I want it NOW and I want it MY WAY” (interms of products and services) b. The dining ‘experience’ Think benefits and emotions 3. What is meant by an independent? a. Makes up the largest portion of the industry b. No chain or brand affiliation c. Typically Mom and Pop, owner on premise i. Strength: Consistency Supervision, creativity, quality, Close relationship with customers ii.Weakness: Limited capabilities and resources, owner gets burnt out 4. What is the difference between a chain and a franchise a. Restaurant Chain: i. Privately owned or publicly traded ii.Problems with consistency, quality, has trouble holding onto employees iii.Strength: size, purchasing power, standardization, controls iv.Weakens: Labor, distance from customers
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HADM_106_FirstPreliem_Lecutrenotes_Review - Lecture Review...

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