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Exam II /Key terms /Part II Primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary, quniuinary sectors Least-cost approach (location) Spatially fixed and variable costs Ubiquitous (products and inputs) Market-oriented Materials-oriented (also Labor-oriented/Power-oriented) Transportation costs Footloose firms Locational interdependence and the Hotelling model Terminals costs and break-of-bulk Line-haul costs Sea vs. pipeline vs. road vs. rail vs. air Export processing zones The global assembly line and the new international economic order The global office maquila transnational corporation The Development Era The ‘three-legged’ stool: IMF/WB/GATT(WTO) Jubilee movement Debt crisis and evolution of debt crisis Petrodollars
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Unformatted text preview: Structural adjustment and neoliberal policies Commodity concentration of exports Path dependence and the Rostow model Modernization theory/development/Rostow A.G. Frank and underdevelopment Path dependence Localization economies Agglomeration economies Growth poles Spread and backwash effects (Myrdal) Backwards and forwards linkages Multiplier effects Agglomeration diseconomies Deindustrialization Creative destruction Foreign direct investment (FDI) Intrafirm trade Fordism and neoFordism Vertical integration/vertical disintegration (outsourcing) Offshoring Brandt Line/North/South Capital- vs labor-intensive Purchasing power parity Tourism U.S. debt/deficit levels...
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