Exam 2 Terms - GDP GNI Decentralization Globalization World Bank(IBRD International Monetary Fund GATT WTO Tragedy of the commons Acid rain

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INDV 102 MODULE II KEY TERMS FALL 2008 Uneven development Spatial division of labor International division of labor New international division of labor Primary commodities Plantation agriculture Subsistence agriculture Commercial agriculture Food security Undernutrtion Green Revolution Blue Revolution Aquaculture Agrarian Scale economies GMOs Urban agriculture Shifting cultivation Swidden Slash-burn farming Intertillage Mechanization Comparative advantage Absolute advantage Core – semiperiphery – periphery “Development” Colonialism Imperialism Neocolonialism Specialization and dependence upon primary commodities Terms of trade Elasticity of demand (price elasticity, income elasticity) Mediterranean agriculture Import substitution Agricultural industrialization The development era Basic needs Purchasing power parity Commodity chains
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Unformatted text preview: GDP GNI Decentralization Globalization World Bank (IBRD) International Monetary Fund GATT WTO Tragedy of the commons Acid rain Communal management Property rights Overexploitation Overfishing Forestry Gathering v. lumbering External costs (social cost = private cost + external cost) Overproduction (marginal cost > marginal benefit) External benefits Deforestation – where, why and how much? Columbian Exchange demographic collapse ecological imperialism uranium and the South Pacific Dream People of the Amazon Ashuar International debt Debt service Debt burden Distribution of resources Sustainable development Migration and resource depletion pirogues versus trawlers Somali Pirates and Russian Tanks “internalizing” external costs...
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