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INDV 102 FALL 2008 Module III Key Terms (Part A) Module III: subprime and spillover effects urban systems, urban form, urban ecology, urbanism sprawl; new urbanism; smart growth suburbanization central place central place theory, Christaller, high/low order goods, range centrality counterurbanization exurbs gateway city informal sector megacity; overurbanization primacy; rank-size rule splintering urbanism squatter settlements redlining covenants what is urban? micropolitan, metropolitan, MSA nucleated settlements central business district (CBD) emergence of urban civilization – why? how? where?
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Unformatted text preview: planned or organic economic base – basic and nonbasic sectors, multipliers vs. multiplier effect “The Urbanizing Century” – urbanization – levels and rates of urbanization by region megacities conurbations, megalopolis congregation, segregation, enclaves, ghettos, colonies “zone in transition” accessibility isotropic surface fiscal squeeze invasion and succession gentrification concentric zones (Chicago, Burgess model) edge cities polycentric cities Hoyt sectoral model; ;Harris and Ullman multiple nuclei model; Von Thunen model...
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