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csc2700lect02 - CSc 2700 Lecture 2 Inheritance September 2...

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CSc 2700: Lecture # 2 Inheritance September 2, 2008 1 Introduction Definition 1. Inheritance: the mechanism by which we define a class by extending the behavior of a preexisting class by adding methods and fields. For example, a savings account is a bank account with interest. class SavingsAccount extends BankAccount { new methods new instance fields } SavingsAccount automatically inherits all methods and instance fields of BankAccount. SavingsAccount collegeFund = new SavingsAccount(10); // Savings account with 10% interest collegeFund.deposit(500); // OK to use BankAccount method with SavingsAccount object In this case we called the extended class the superclass (BankAccount) and the extending class the subclass (Savings). Inheriting a class and imple- menting interface are two distinct concepts: subclass inherits the behavior and state of a superclass. One advantage of inheritance is it allows for code reuse. In Java, every class extends the Object class either directly or indi- rectly. In the subclass, we specify additional instance fields, methods, and change or override methods. 1
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Program 1. public class SavingsAccount extends BankAccount { public SavingsAccount(double rate) { interestRate = rate; } public void addInterest() { double interest = getBalance() * interestRate / 100; deposit(interest); } private double interestRate; } Encapsulation: addInterest calls getBalance rather than updating the bal- ance field of the superclass (field is private). Note that addInterest calls
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csc2700lect02 - CSc 2700 Lecture 2 Inheritance September 2...

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