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csc2700proj02 - A Basic Calculator CSc 2700 Programming...

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A Basic Calculator CSc 2700: Programming Project # 2 Working With Multiple Layouts and Panels Out: 9/25 Due: 10/10 by 11:50 PM Learning Objectives adding panels to frames adding components to frames using colors 1 Introduction In adding components to frame using the basic layout managers we have studied, we do not pay much attention to the placement of controls - we let the layout manager determine the default behavior from left to right and from top to bottom. This is fine when the placement of components does not matter. However, in many applications, placement matters. The placement of the contents of a frame is guided by a layout manager but in addition to that, we can use paneling to give us further control on how components can be added to a frame. In this project, you will use some of the techniques we learned in class to render a simple calculator. At the end of this project your calculator should appear as show in Because we have not done event-driven Figure 1: A Basic Calculator programming, your calculator is not going to work. What you will have is a ”picture” of a basic calculator and not a working one. Duncan 1 Fall 2008
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A Basic Calculator CSc 2700: Programming Project # 2 The text ”0.00000” in the results window should be black on a white background. The clear button must be read.
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