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CSC 3102 Programming Assignment 1: Sparse Matrix Transpose Due: October 2, Thursday (by 11:55 pm) Points: 5 Penalty: You will lose one point per delayed day Submit your work as instructed towards the end of this document. Contact the teaching assistant Di Lin by e-mail to dlin4@lsu.edu for help. Objective: To empirically demonstrate the difference in performance between the naive (brute-force) and fast-transpose algorithms on sparse matrices. Definition: A matrix is a concise and useful way of uniquely representing and working with linear transformations. In particular, for every linear transformation, there exists exactly one corresponding matrix, and every matrix corresponds to a unique linear transformation. Matrices have wide-ranging applications in such areas as image processing, information retrieval, computer graphics, scientific visualization, dynamical systems, etc. In this assignment, you are dealing with the sparse matrix of order n , which has only a small number ( t ) of non-zero elements. In the class, we have learned how a sparse matrix is represented as a set of order triplets and also learned about two algorithms for obtaining its transpose (see the lecture notes). The time-efficiency of the brute-force transpose algorithm is
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1-PA-dueOct2 - CSC 3102 Programming Assignment 1: Sparse...

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