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Unformatted text preview: MATH 445 COMPUTER PROJECT 1 DUE FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23 , 2009 AT THE LECTURE You are free to use any programming language or environment and any help you want. Please, use at least a 10pt font, and do not submit more than 10 pages of printouts for this assignment. Points can be taken off for using very small letters or producing too many pages of output. Problem 1. The main objective is to practice plotting graphs. Part 1. Plot the graph of the function h 10 ( x ) = 10 X k =1 sin ‡ ( k !) 2 x · k ! for x ∈ [0 , 1], x ∈ [0 , . 1], x ∈ [0 , . 01], x ∈ [0 , . 001]. What you will turn in: (1) Four separate graphs. (2) Printout of the program you used to generate the graphs. Please indicate which language (C,C++,Fortran, etc.) or environment (Matlab, Mathematica, etc.) you used. Each page you turn in must have your name and date printed on it. Each graph must have a title, labelled axes, and the scale along each axis....
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