CHEM 1310 Fall 2009 Course Policies and Syllabus v2

CHEM 1310 Fall 2009 Course Policies and Syllabus v2 - CHEM...

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CHEM 1310 Fall Term 2009 Page 1 of 6 Course Policies and Syllabus Course Components Lecture MWF 2.5 hours/week Laboratory 3 hours once per week Recitation 1 hour once per week Exam Period W 6:05 or 7:05 pm (common exam meets three times during the term) Lecture Exams will be held on the following dates. Exam 1 23 September 2009 Exam 2 21 October 2009 Exam 3 18 November 2009 Final varies by lecture section The final exam schedule is available here for your section. Please plan your schedule accordingly for the 3 mid-term exams and final exam. Required Materials Customized Georgia Tech Editions **An online e-book is available for Zumdahl that comes with a course code for the enhanced WebAssign electronic homework system or a paper copy with the course code is available at either bookstore. 1. GT customized version of Chemical Principles by Steven S. Zumdahl, , 6 th ed. 2009. The unabridged 5 th or 6 th edition has a different order of chapters but is usable. 2. Enhanced WebAssign Course Code (available with textbook bookstore bundle). If you do not purchase the bundle will need to purchase separate access codes for the WebAssign product via their websites ( and/or “800” numbers (about $35). You will utilize WebAssign for assigned problems, access to the Student Solutions Manual and other on-line resources. 3. Interwrite PRS R f Transmitter (a $15 rebate is available in the bookstore textbook bundle)
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CHEM 1310 Fall Term 2009 Page 2 of 6 4. Bottomley, Cox, Chem 1310 Laboratory Manual , 2009 edition, Hayden-McNeil. 5. Safety Goggles and a lock for laboratory. These are available at the bookstore or the graduate student forum will have these materials available during the first and second week of classes, outside the lecture hall. The cost is approximately $8. 6. Calculator (simple +, -, *, /, ln, and log is adequate) 7. Lab apron (optional but recommended, especially if you have nice clothes!) 8. NOTE: You should maintain a balance of at least $30 on your Buzz Card so that you can pay for any fees you might incur in lab (breaking glassware, renting safety goggles, etc). Payment will be made at the Annex stockroom. 9. NOTE: You will not be permitted to work in lab unless you are wearing safety glasses or goggles and closed shoes. Tutoring and Support The recitation session should be used to its fullest extent. This is an opportunity to work with other students and one-on-one with a graduate instructor. There will be two versions of recitation this semester (traditional and GIG, more later on this) Tutoring for freshman level (1000 level) courses is available within most Freshmen residence halls, the GT Student Success Center and OMED.
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CHEM 1310 Fall 2009 Course Policies and Syllabus v2 - CHEM...

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