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-1 Chapter 14: Typical Receiving Procedures Key Concepts 1. The objectives of receiving. 2. Essentials for good receiving. a. Competent personnel. b. Receiving equipment. c. Receiving facilities. d. Receiving hours. e. Specifications. f. Purchase orders. 3. Invoice receiving. a. Delivery arrives. b. Rejection of delivery. c. Returning merchandise. d. Acceptance of delivery. (1). Receiving sheet. (2). Invoice stamp.
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Unformatted text preview: (3). Other paperwork. 4. Additional receiving duties. a. Dating items. b. Pricing items. c. Creating bar codes. d. Meat tagging. e. Housekeeping. f. Updating AP prices. g. Backhaul recyclables. 5. Other receiving methods. a. Standing order. b. Blind. c. Odd-hours. d. Drop shipment. e. Mailed shipments. f. COD deliveries. 6. Good receiving practices. 7. Reducing receiving costs....
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