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Spec sheet.wps - least reasonably squared on the sides and...

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Jennifer Vargas November 14, 2007 HRT250 Section 01 SPS TEMPLATE - Smoked Jowls Product Name Jowl Squares (Cured and Smoked) Pricing Unit Lb. Standard/Grade No. 556 Weight or Size Range Range C (2-3 pounds) Preferred and/or Acceptable Brand(s) Farmland Foods Smoked Jowl Squares COV 194300 Packaging, Pack or Container Size 30 pound pack / Individually wrapped Description and Intended Use Spicy Southern Black Eyed Peas Purposed Test Procedures (Yield) 60% Additional Factors **Reasonably rectangular in shape and at
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Unformatted text preview: least reasonably squared on the sides and ends, being reasonably symmetrical and smooth on all surfaces. **Should have an acceptable flavor and aro ma and a fairly bright, uniform well-penetrat ed smoked color, and be practically free fro m extraneous material, including encrusted salt and smokehouse residue (except the n atural smoke color). The smoked product s hall be fairly dry on the exterior and interior, but not excessively dry or scorched....
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