BIS102 Hilt F03 MT2

BIS102 Hilt F03 MT2 - BIS 102 Name ______________ Key...

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Unformatted text preview: BIS 102 Name ______________ Key _______________________ Fall 2003 Last First K. Hilt Second Midterm Score (100): ___________ 1. (24 pts.) What would the elution profiles look like for the first three cycles of Edman chemistry for the protein sequenator of the following peptide: K- A- E- F- A ? Label your axes. Label each peak. Label each cycle. Explain briefly why you drew the plot(s) the way you did. Cycle #1 (+2) Cycle #2 (+2) Cycle #3 (+2) Plot(s): bis-PTH-K (+2) PTH-A (+1) PTH-E (+1) A (+2) (+2) (+1) (+1) Time (+2) Reasoning: The column is hydrophobic (+2) and is being eluted with a gradient of polar to nonpolar solvent (+2) . Hence, hydrophobic compounds elute last (+2) . Bis-PTH-K is doubly labeled and hence gives a peak size that is twice that of PTH-A or PTH-E. 2. (14 pts.) A protein was completely digested with trypsin and an internal peptide (i.e. not derived from the N- or C-terminals) was purified. Determine its sequence from the following information: a) amino acid analysis yields one mole of F, K, P, Y, G, R, and W per mole of peptide; b) treatment of the intact peptide with Sangers reagent, followed by acid hydrolysis, gives DNP-Y; c) treatment of the...
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BIS102 Hilt F03 MT2 - BIS 102 Name ______________ Key...

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