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Sec21and22NotesDone.notebook 1 September 25, 2009 Math 150 Autumn 2009 Dr. John Maharry Course Web Page http://www.math.ohio­ Suggested Reading: Skim through Chapter 1. Make sure all the concepts are familiar. Ask if they are not. Take a careful look at the Chap. 1 test on page 135. Make sure that you can do those problems. Read the Yellow Section Page 138­145. It gives some general guidelines for problem solving that can be used in this course and in many others. There are quite a few unconventional problems in that sections too. Let me know if you figure some of them out, or if you try and get stuck. Examples: The price of an object is a function of the demand. The price of an object depends on the demand for it. The population of Madagascar changes over time. The time it takes to drive to New York is a function of your average speed. The load that a bridge can support is a function of its length.
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This note was uploaded on 10/07/2009 for the course MATH 150 taught by Professor Unknown during the Fall '06 term at Ohio State.

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Sec21and22NotesDone - Sec21and22NotesDone.notebook Math 150...

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