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CSE 201 P RIMITIVE T YPES ; S TRINGS ; B ASIC I/O Variables o What is a variable? What is a literal? o How are variables declared? o What are valid variable names? Primitive Types o int, char, boolean, double ± Why are they considered ‘primitive’ types? ± Know when to use each variable type o Assignment Statements o Expressions in Java ± int vs. double arithmetic ± Precedence rules Strings o What is a String? When do you use Strings?
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Unformatted text preview: o String initialization o String concatenation o String methods – know what each does and when to use them. ± .length( ) ± .charAt( ) ± .substring( ) ± .indexOf( ) ± .toUpperCase( ) / .toLowerCase( ) o Escape Characters • Basic I/O o Println vs. Print o Scanner ± Declaring a Scanner ± .nextLine( ) ± .nextInt( ) ± .nextDouble( ) • Good Coding o Indentation o Proper Variable Names o Commenting...
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