CE482-2009fall2 - SYLLABUS CE 482 Foundation Design(3 units...

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SYLLABUS CE 482: Foundation Design (3 units) Prerequisite: CE 467L Geotechnical Engineering Fall 2009, Mondays and Wednesdays 5-6:15 pm Instructor Carl C. Kim Phone 213.542.1681 office 213.631.6006 mobile Classroom KAP 156 E-mail [email protected] Blackboard 20093_ce_482_29709: Foundation Design TA Wael Elhaddad E-mail [email protected] Grader Navaz Behkarfar E-mail [email protected] Description: This course introduces the geotechnical aspects of foundation design to students who have acquired a fundamental understanding of soil mechanics. The course focuses on the application of fundamental principles of soil mechanics to analyze and design foundation systems to deliver intended performance. The course explores various appropriate applications of load factors and factors of safety with respect to limit equilibrium. Important aspects of technical writing in reporting geotechnical design information will be introduced, discussed, and applied. Goals: Review fundamental principles of soil mechanics. Review methodologies to obtain soil behavior information. Learn to apply safety factors in foundation design. Use available design tools for design of spread footings, mat foundations, retaining walls, shoring, pile foundations, and ground improvement. Develop reading and writing skills for consulting proposals and reports. Master geotechnical portion of PE exam.
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CE482-2009fall2 - SYLLABUS CE 482 Foundation Design(3 units...

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