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CMPT-354 D1 Fall 2008 Instructor: Martin Ester TA: Gustavo Frigo Solution Assignment 7 Total marks: 100 (10 % of the assignments) Posted: October 31, 2008 Due date: November 7, 2008 This is a paper and pencil assignment. Please, submit hard copies of your solutions to the assignment drop box. Problem 1 (Translation of ER diagram into relational schema) (55 marks) Translate the following ER diagram of a university database into an equivalent relational schema. This ER diagram makes the simplifying assumption that each class of a given course section is taught in the same room. ISA LName Courses Instructors Sections Students Enrolment Teaching IsSection Of CourseNo Title InstructorNo FName StudentNo FName LName Year GPA SectionNo Room Grade Capacity Year Term TAAssign nment TAs Contract No ISA
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Your relational schema should satisfy the following two design criteria: The number of tables should be minimal. As many integrity constraints from the ER diagram as possible should be expressed. a) Write down the complete SQL statements to create the relational schema, including PRIMARY KEY, FOREIGN KEY and NOT NULL constraints. For the FOREIGN KEY constraints, you do not need to specify the reactions to violating updates. (50 marks) CREATE
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354.3-08.Solution7 - CMPT-354 D1 Fall 2008 Instructor...

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