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354.3-08.Assignment8 - CMPT-354 D1 Fall 2008 Instructor...

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CMPT-354 D1 Fall 2008 Instructor: Martin Ester TA: Gustavo Frigo Assignment 8 Total marks: 200 (20 % of the assignments) Posted: November 7, 2008 Due date: November 21, 2008 Introduction This is a practical assignment using SQL Server 2005 Management Studio. Please, submit your solution in electronic form to the Online Submission Server. The assignment is based on the Movie database from the previous practical assignment. Assignment In this assignment you are to implement a simple movie recommender system. Given a movie that the user likes, the system is to return a ranked list of movies that the user probably likes, ranked in decreasing order of likelihood. Implement a movie recommender system satisfying the following specification, interfacing with the Movie database, in a programming language of your choice. Input The user selects one movie m from the Movie database that he / she likes, e.g. by choosing from a menu of all Movies. In addition, the user specifies the number k of recommendations to be produced.
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