Project-Lee - system parameters. System parameters can be...

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ENSC 428 – Digital Communications Semester 2008-1 Project Outlines as of Jan. 7, 2008 1. Purpose To train students to simulate communication systems and to gain intuition about the systems. To learn to use MATLAB and Simulink. 2. Objectives The goal of this project is to create a Simulink model of digital communication systems. The communication system should include at least the modulator, the demodulator, and the channel models in the figure above. The channel model must include noise. You are encouraged to play with wireless channel models (Proakis Ch. 10). Commensurate to your talents and interests, adding more modules in the system is encouraged for your
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project e.g., direct-sequence spread spectrum (Proakis section 10.3), carrier synchronization module, symbol synchronization module, etc. After constructing a Simulink model, you should run simulation and report the bit error probability. You must then observe how bit error probability changes as you change
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Unformatted text preview: system parameters. System parameters can be the channel parameters (e.g., the delay spread, Doppler spread, etc.), constellation size (the value of M in MQAM), noise power, channel coding scheme, etc. For those who are unfamiliar with Simulink, I encourage you to start playing with Simulink early so that the experience may be fun rather than pain. 3. Organization You can either team up with another class mate (a group of two people) or work alone. Each unit (a group of two or a singleton) must submit a report along with electronic version of the created Simulink model. Upon completion, each unit needs to schedule 30 minute interview with the instructor and to demo the simulation, no later than April 1, 2008. The report and software in electronic copy must be submitted prior to the interview. Thus, April 1, 2008 is the project deadline. 4. Expectations and Grading The completed Simulink model must be able to successfully simulate the system....
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Project-Lee - system parameters. System parameters can be...

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