OPNET_Instruction_2006 - setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH...

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ENSC 427 OPNET Labs Setup Instructions I. Logging into payette.ensc.sfu.ca 1. Login to a Sun station in pit area. Their names should be esilpitxx . - Login name is same as your ACS username - Password is your 9-digit student number 2. Open a termimal. - Click on the third arrow from the right on the program bar at the bottom (The arrow above CPU, disk performance meter) - Click on “Console” to open a terminal 3. SSH to payette server by typing following command ssh payette.ensc.sfu.ca - Login using your CSSNet account II. OPNET Environment Setup 1. Add the following lines to your .mylogin file if ( -e /ensc/local2/opnet/11.0.A/sys/unix/bin) then setenv OPNETHOME /ensc/local2/opnet/11.0.A/sys/unix setenv PATH ${PATH}:${OPNETHOME}/bin
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Unformatted text preview: setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH ${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:/ensc/local2/opnet/11.0.A/sys/sun_ sparc_solaris/lib endif - Use the editor of your choice: textedit, emacs, vim - Make sure you save your changes before exiting. 2. Load the changes made in .mylogin source .mylogin - Note that you only need to do this once after you have done the changes III. Starting OPNET 1. Run OPNET by typing the following command opnet - It takes a while to open OPNET - The colour of OPNET will be messed up if you have Netscape running at the same time. 2. You can start the laboratory from the Help menu at the top right corner of OPNET window. 3. Your OPNET related files should be saved in op_models directory in your home directory....
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OPNET_Instruction_2006 - setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH...

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