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Case 1: Take home case write-up ENSC 406 – Spring 2007 Assigned: Friday, February 9, 2007 Due: Friday, February 16, 2007 at 3:30pm in the Engineering Main Office (late assignments will not be accepted) The case and write-up instructions are below. Please read all the material before you start your analysis. The second page of this document contains the grading scheme that I will use to evaluate your write-up. I have also included a template that you should follow. The Case Sarah is an engineering student completing her second co-op semester at DecepTECH Engineering. Towards the end of her work semester, she receives a message from the co- op office reminding her that she must submit a written report when she returns to campus. Sarah remembers that when she started working, her manager, Mark (who has a P.Eng.), stated that all her work at the company was confidential, and that any work report would have to be evaluated within the company. Sarah contacts the co-op office and receives permission to have her work report evaluated by Mark as long as she submits an evaluation sheet that has been signed by her supervisor. Before Sarah writes the report, she schedules a meeting with Mark to discuss the material that needs to be included in the document. Mark informs Sarah that the only reason he told her that the work was confidential was so that she didn’t have to write the report. He also states that he does this with all his co-op students in order to save them time. When she asks about the evaluation sheet and how it gets filled out, Mark states, “I don’t have time to mark reports. Fill it out yourself, but make sure it looks like I did it.” He then signs the bottom of the sheet. Case Write-up Instructions Include the following in your case write-up: Part 1 Analyze Mark’s action using the APEGBC code of ethics and the moral theories from Chapter 3. Consult the grading scheme and template for further information. Part 2 What should Sarah do next? Explain what Sarah should do to resolve the situation she finds herself in. Be sure to justify her actions using the APEGBC code of ethics and the moral theories.
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Case 1 Grading Scheme Relevant Facts Facts relevant to the case are described. You may use point form for this section. /5 Code of ethics Analyze the supervisor’s action using the APEGBC code of ethics. Justify your conclusions. * /20 Moral Theories Proper analysis of the four ethical theories: utilitarianism, duty/rights ethics, and virtue ethics. Each theory should have its own conclusion of Mark’s
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Case1 - Case 1: Take home case write-up ENSC 406 – Spring...

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