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Where to Ride your Bike? Where on the roadway should you ride your bike? Lots of people first guess "on the left, facing traffic" for a variety of reasons. But that first choice is wrong, for a variety of reasons: According to the League of American Bicyclists' Bike Ed training program, riding on the left side is the leading single cause of car/bike collisions. Riding with traffic puts you where other travellers are looking for conflicting traffic, instead of putting you where they aren't looking , especially at intersections, driveways and crosswalks. The closing speed of traffic in your lane is the sum of both speeds if you are facing traffic, but is the difference of speeds if you are with traffic. That difference in closing speed may mean a big difference in reaction time for you and the motorist. When a wrong way cyclist meets a right way cyclist, who swerves out into traffic or into the gutter? I hope you don't expect me to! Less than 3% of car/bike collisions in daylight are due to overtaking errors (rear end collisions). State Law requires bicyclists to ride on the right, not on the left. When a collision results from wrong way riding, you may be found at fault. OK, it turns out there are lots of good reasons not to ride your bike on the left side of the road. But, you think, sharing a lane with overtaking motor traffic is pretty scary. So, how about riding on the sidewalk? This is another bad idea. Research reported in the Institute of Transportation Engineers Journal in 1994 showed that, for a wide variety of urban situations, sidewalk riding is about twice as dangerous as riding in the adjacent street. Why is that? Bicycling on sidewalks is hazardous to pedestrians. Pedestrians are apt to change direction or stop without warning, increasing the
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bike_where_to_ride - Where to Ride your Bike Where on the...

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