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Syllabus, MKTG 649-03, Fall 2009, Page 1 of 12 College of Business, San Francisco State University MKTG 649-03: Marketing Management Fall 2009 Instructor: Mahmood Hussain, PhD Office: SCI 341 Office Hours: MW 3-5pm or by appointment Phone: (415) 338-6290 E-mail: [email protected] Course Webpage: See iLearn or http://userwww.sfsu.edu/~hussain/mktg649.html Time and classroom: MW 13:35-14:50 in BUS 111 Note It is expected that each student will read and understand the materials contained in the course outline. It is your responsibility to follow the course as outlined here or as modified later during the semester. The materials in this outline will be explained in the first class meeting. If you miss the first class and you are still officially enrolled, you should examine this document thoroughly. Course Objectives The major objective of this course is to help students think analytically, competitively, and strategically about marketing management. More specifically, the objectives are: 1. To introduce you to the core marketing concepts such as – delivering value to customers more efficiently and effectively than competitors while ensuring profitability. 2. To introduce you to marketing strategy and to the elements of marketing analysis (customer analysis, competitor analysis, and company analysis – 3Cs ). 3. To familiarize you with the elements of the marketing mix (Product, pricing, advertising & promotion, and distribution – 4Ps ) and to enhance your problem solving and decision making abilities in these areas of marketing. 4. To provide you with a forum for presenting and defending your own recommendations in an environment of “critical thinking,” and for critically examining and discussing the recommendations of others. Text Kotler, Philip (2009), A Framework for Marketing Management , Fourth Edition, Prentice Hall. This is a paperback book. Throughout the semester, I will be assigning supplementary readings. These will take several forms: cases, book chapters, articles from magazines or newspapers, articles from journals, and articles from www sites. Cases The cases have been put on reserve in the library. It is your responsibility to make copies of those cases and prepare for class discussions on due dates. Download then from: http://eres.sfsu.edu . The password to have access to these cases is: _____________ (to be given in class) . Periodicals You are expected to stay in touch with current business information. I highly recommend the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and the New York Times. These are generally available publications and can easily be found in our library. Alternatively, you may also read the electronic versions through our library’s “electronic database.” It takes only a few minutes to stay updated each day, and each of these publications has articles relevant to concepts we will discuss this semester. Course Prerequisites
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f0964903 - Course Syllabus

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