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P111 S09 EQ1 - s N f k = k N Spring force : F = -kx where x...

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PHYS 111-01 - FIRST MIDTERM EXAM - VALID STARTING EQUATIONS The equations given below may be used as starting points for solving problems on the first midterm exam. They can be used without explanation. Vector quantities are shown in bold type. Motion and Vectors : v = r / t a = v / t r = r 0 + v t v = v 0 + a t v 13 = v 12 + v 23 (Relative Velocity) Special case of linear motion with constant acceleration: x = x o + v xo t + a x t 2 /2 v x = v xo + a x t v x 2 = v xo 2 + 2a x x Uniform circular motion: a cp = v 2 /r For angles measured from positive x-axis: A x = A cos θ A y = A sin θ A = A = AA xy 2 + 2 θ = tan -1 (A y /A x ) Forces : Σ F = F net = m a Σ F x = ma x Σ F y = ma y F 21 = - F 12 w = m g Friction: f s µ s
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Unformatted text preview: s N f k = k N Spring force : F = -kx where x is the extention of the spring F cp = mv 2 /r toward center Other types of forces: Tension ( T ); Normal Force ( N ) QUANTITY SYMBOL UNIT OR VALUE COMMENTS Mass m kg Length l m Time t s Position r m Components x,y Displacement r m Components x, y Velocity v m/s Magnitude is speed Acceleration a m/s 2 Force F N N=kg-m/s 2 Acceleration of gravity g or g 9.80 m/s 2 or N/kg Coefficient of static friction s dimensionless Coefficient of kinetic friction k dimensionless Spring constant k N/m...
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