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phys syllabus - University of Minnesota School of Physics...

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Unformatted text preview: University of Minnesota School of Physics and Astronomy Physics 1301, Fall 2008, Section 200: Introductory Physics I Syllabus (Version 3) Instructor: Marvin L. Marshak Office: 318 Physics Telephone: 612-624-1312 (office), 952-929-3620 (home) Email: Office Hours: M and T: 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. or by appointment Required Book: Fishbane, Gasiorowicz and Thornton: Physics for Scientists and Engineers , 3 rd edition, Volume 1, Chapters 1-11 and 13. Online at Physics for Science and Engineering Laboratory Manual-Mechanics Laboratory, current edition Optional Book: Competent Problem Solver for Introductory Physics, Calculus Version, University of Minnesota, School of Physics and Astronomy. [This book describes very explicit strategies for solving physics problems. If you have questions about how to solve problems, this book may be useful.] The University Bookstore includes several other tutorial books on mathematics and physics that may be useful depending on your academic background. Required Materials: Approved laboratory notebook (available at the University Bookstore) An Interwrite PRS RF Transponder unit (available at the University Bookstore) Website: This course will use the WebCT Vista system, which you can access through The Powerpoint slides for the class will be posted on the WebCT Vista site. Grades will be emailed to each student. Teaching Assistants: You are encouraged to contact the TA for your problem-solving/lab section regarding both assistance in understanding the course material and problems with course mechanics, grades, etc. For assistance with course material, you can also use the Drop-In Help Center in Physics 230 (see posted hours) or I.T. tutors in 150 Lind Hall or in the University residence halls. Course Overview: Physics 1301 is the first course of a three-semester sequence (1301, 1302, 2503) providing an overview of 21 st Century physics from the perspective of students interested in science and engineering. Physics is the study of matter, energy and their interactions, everywhere in the knowable Universe. The primary focus of Physics 1301 is Mechanics, including Kinematics (the description of motion) and Dynamics (the description or prediction of motion as a result of forces, momenta and energies). The primary focus of Physics 1302 is electromagnetism and optics. Physics 2503 explores physics principles and applications developed during the 20 th Century. 21 st Century physics is a science based on principles rather than on taxonomy. Its goals are to describe the behavior of the Universe in terms of a few (and perhaps ultimately one) general principles. The goals of this course are to help you reach the educational objectives of your major by: Building your understanding of how natural phenomena in the Universe can be understood, and often predicted, in the context of a few basic principles; Improving your ability to conceptualize natural phenomena, using appropriate physics...
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phys syllabus - University of Minnesota School of Physics...

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