unit 3-Britain

unit 3-Britain - 2/4/08 BRITAIN: Kitchen Sink, other arts...

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2/4/08 BRITAIN: Kitchen Sink, other arts 12/05/2008 11:18:00 Global Patterns of Influence: multi-polar, multi-directional Hollywood influencing foreign cinemas and foreign cinemas resisting Reverse flow Bi-polar distinctions eliminated: all cinemas influence each other o Ex: British realism being influenced by Italian neo-realism o Complex web of influences National Cinema What’s the relationship between the films and the nation? If nation is not a meaningful concept then the film cannot be Quote-these days many nations are not created through wars, but largely our sense of Americans is created by all of these cultural activities we engage in (and us especially, all of the films we go to remind us of our American history and our relationship to it) James Donald quote: the kind of culture we produce is something that allows us to feel American o Notion of the nation is falling apart or is being challeneged by other things of national idenity o Ex: England-scottish nationalist, welsh nationalist o There’s been a fragmentation of national identities (especially beginning with the USSR) o Slavinia splits off from ugoslavia and puts itself into the UN o Other forms of transnationalism: huge global businesses not linked in one country; other gov’t organization like world bank Questioning the nation: questioning the national cinema (ca also be broken down by. .) o Structural social divisions: gender, ethnicity, region, class
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Hard Day’s Night : themes and motifs Do not depend on whether or not people like each other Do certain people benefit from other people How long men have controlled the nation; many of the people who run the country are white o Today’s film: class division Clip: older vs. younger o Regionalism- Northern vs. southern England o Films as a whole-not a role for women Not as autonomous agents, but only to worship the men Can cinema ever represent all of the interests in nation or jus the wealthier-because they’re the one’s who run the business Scene in bicycle thieves when bruno and Antonio go into the restaurant and they “splurge” on the meal-sense of tension between lower class and those who seem more comfortable in rest. British Cultural History
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unit 3-Britain - 2/4/08 BRITAIN: Kitchen Sink, other arts...

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