07 - unit china Communist film for peasants Anti-communist...

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4/7/08-unit china 07/04/2008 16:04:00 Communist film for peasants Anti-communist film for intellectuals I. Chinese History II. Chinese Cinema 1920s and 30s Taiwanese cinema: Good men/good women Complexity of Taiwanese history as compared to mainland Set in two distinct time periods each divided into two o 1930s-40s: young people in Taiwan before KMT takes over-ifnd out Chinese fighting against Japanese-work against the Japanese 1950s-back in Taiwan KMT had already taken over-parcipitates a reign of terror in Taiwan o set in present-drug problems second part shes an actress-disreputable Chinese woman acting part of patriot in this different period o first to use deep focus long takes-major inspiration for asian new waves Chinese cinema Expel influeces of olonial cinema o Develop tech’s of soviets-and aesthetic-socialist realism o Look to peasantry-source of autonomous, anti-colonial Chinese cinema o Film language that is specificall Chinese Socialist realism Style developed in societ between early phases of revolution and developed thru rev, formalized in 30s
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Didactic art form for communist principles
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07 - unit china Communist film for peasants Anti-communist...

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