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Unit Five-French

Unit Five-French - 10:33:00 I International Art Cinema...

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12/05/2008 10:33:00 I. International Art Cinema Ongoing texts called the art film-most films made in global cinema dominated by Hollywood cinema National specificity and commercial identity Designed to have international distribution (US and outside) Series of stylistic features o Reading by Bordwell-combine realism with formal sophistication o Serious philosophical forms in which philosophical issues of the day could be addressed-much franker in depiction of sexual activity II. Cinema and Sexual Difference US culture prudish and censored-but since foreign cinemas coming in with these nudity, people went to see these films for that Narratives more complex-abstract symbolism (seventh seal); lonliness (flashbacks)- objective third person and subjective first person; roshamon-four first person narratives Many of these films get aesthetic modernism o Next week: avant garde film Bazint husband) Sexuality interesting to cinema (to watching film), thus sexuality is fundamental to the film Generalizations of sexuality and Hollywood: o Women important-often characterized by attractivness o Men are the active people in films and women get acted on (subjects and objects of actions) Objects-passed from one guy to another (daddy to husband); serve as an object over which men can compete Sub theme of money which often has the same role as women (competition, passed) Allows plot to end titanic Mulvey Radical film essay Issues o Relationship between the filmic and the pro-filmic
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