08-The Demands of Patronage

08-The Demands of Patronage - The Demands of Patronage...

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The Demands of Patronage 14/02/2008 13:27:00 Florence 15 th Century and Renaissance Art-Needs, desires, and demands of patrons The “Renaissance” term was not used during this period. “Rebirth” period: implications Rejection of middle age values o 1. Emulate Greek and roman freed if Christian world Classicism/humanism: self-conscious emulation of literature, art, and architecture of classical, ancient Greek and Roman World o Democratic ideas to imperial ideology (Roman empire) o Seeing distant culture in a way that touched them 2. Focus on here and now o New heights of naturalism o Made by individual looking at the world around them and observing the visual phenomenon Intersection of classicism brought current world to life An ideal town Human body measure of architectural proportion (Da Vinci) Ideas had profound impact on art being produced Changes in art were ambiguous and complicated Didn’t see any decline in belief in church Most works were Christian works adorn for the church Changes DID occur in the 14 th and 15 th century Italy Patronage: Artists met demands of challenges brought by patrons Many made to promote relations, family values, politics Artists thought of as skilled crafts people o The production of visual art was a family trade o Implications about how we understand
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o Different way about thinking about what artist does (not fully in charge) o Not to hang on wall but used for a larger utilitarian thing Caisson-piece of furniture: designed furniture, not art Tapestries, daybeds-status of art as skilled labor
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08-The Demands of Patronage - The Demands of Patronage...

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